Green Tomato Hot Sauce

Like all gardeners out there, we hate to waste anything that comes out of our garden. Especially since we’re in a city and only have a small space to cultivate. With that in mind, when the time comes to shut the garden down for the winter, we usually have several pounds of unripened tomatoes that we don’t want to throw out. Since we love our Mexican food around our house we love this hot sauce recipe.

4 lbs. Green Roma Tomatoes (slice or dice with a food processor)

5 – Chipotle Peppers

4 – Jalapeños

4 – Thai Chilis

2 Cups Apple Cider Vinegar

2 tbsp pickling salt

2 sweet peppers

1 medium onion

6 cloves garlic

Dice all the items into small chunks and keep separate. Combine the onions, garlic, vinegar and salt into a large pot on a medium heat and cook until soft. Then add the chipotle peppers and cook until softened. Once the chipotles are soft, add the rest of the ingredients to the pot and cook down until well runny. Use an immersion blender to break it down to a sauce and reduce until think.

Preserve in canning jars with ~1/4″ headroom on the jar. Boil covered in water for ~13 minutes.

Yield is ~ 3 liters of hot sauce

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