Turkey Veal Chili

My wife and I hosted a party to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our daughter, and as the after effect of the party I just wanted chili…. So, what do I do?  I cook some freaking chili.  This is my take on the kind of chili that you need to have a day after you host a co-ed baby shower.  It’s a combination of veal, turkey, black, and pinto beans.  The flavor comes from a lot of different spices that just meld well together. Here’s the recipe for a day after a party chili that warms the heart and helps keep perspective on life as a whole.


500g – Ground Turkey

500g – Ground Veal

1 – Medium sized onion (Diced)

3 – Cloves of Garlic (Minced and pasted)

2 – Medium Jalapeño (Diced)

1 – Medium Carrot (Diced)

1 – Stalk of Celery (Diced)

2 – Large Beef Steak Tomatoes (Diced)

1 – Black Beans (Can)

1 – Pinto Beans (Can)

1 – Hatch Chilis (Small Can)

1 – Tomato Paste (Small Can)

1 – Stick of Non-salted Butter (divided)

500ml – Low Sodium Chicken Stock


2 – Tbsp. Smoked Paprika (divided)

2 – Tbsp. Chipotle Pepper (divided)

2 – Tsp. Salt (divided)

2 – Tsp. Black Pepper (divided)

1 – Tsp. Smoked Salt (If you can find it, if not then sea salt works great)


Take the diced onions, garlic, carrot, celery and two pats of butter and place it in a large pot. Set to a medium low heat and simmer the above-mentioned veggies to soften.  In a separate low pan take another two pats of butter and brown the veal and turkey separately, this is where you take the divided spices and spice the meats during browning.  Put the meat into the pot with the veggies, along with the rinsed beans.  Add in the diced tomatoes, hatch chilis, tomato paste, along with the chicken stock, and the rest of the spices and stir.  Bring the whole thing to a boil and then reduce to a simmer.  Let it simmer for four hours before serving.  You can serve it sooner, but for the flavors to really blend and develop it need some time to really simmer together.

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